Survey Results




Confidence Improved


More focused on job


Improved Communication


Improved standard of work


More positive attitude to work


Better understanding of the importance of work role


SCQF 5 Apprentice Suggested Improvements to work procedures


SCQF6/7 Apprentices who Suggested/Implemented Improvements


Improved Skills and Abilities


Has the Apprentice assisted with the development of your business


Did the Apprentice Programme meets needs and expectations


Customer Rating ; Very Satisfied




Neither Satisfied or Dissatisfied




% Of Employers and Apprentices who were happy with the support they got from XL Training


% of Employers and Apprentice who said they got enough feedback from the Assessor on progress through the programme


% of Apprentices and Employers who said they would recommend the programme



The program has exceeded my expectations, i have dyslexia and this programme has really pushed me and helped improve my written work abilities. It also gave me the ability to feel confident enough to move onto the supervisor course

Since doing my apprenticeship I have gained so much more confidence in the kitchen. I’m now a lot more knowledgeable about food Health and safety and regulations. I’ve gained more responsibility

It has made me more confident at work and further solidified my confidence in how I run projects.

The programme has been well supported and has helped me realise areas of improvement

It’s been simple and not overly complicated and has worked easily into my work schedule making it so much easier

My skills in merchandising have improved

Exceeded my expectations more! Plenty of support and very fast communication which was helpful when I needed support

I have been able to find out more about my role in the cafe and the theory behind supervision and management

The programme was fairly straightforward and very easy to complete alongside a full time job.

I feel I am able to work more efficiently and confidently

Improved my knowledge and leadership skills

It helped me focus more on what I was doing and helped me a bit more on understanding my job role and what is required

It allowed me to gain customer service and communication skills which is a great advantage

Found new ways to work with other staff and increased my confidence with customers and staff.

I thought it was going to be difficult but it was straight forward.

Very supportive especially in lockdown

It has helped me develop an in-depth understanding of how a business runs and helped my people skills both in and out of work. The programme exceeded my expectations. I learned more and achieved more than I thought I would.

I feel I have more knowledge and skills around food safety and hygiene and the correct procedures

I gained confidence because I learned more about my job. Having more knowledge was helpful

All the work was relevant to my job so it did not distract from my job.

The programme exceeded my expectations; it has helped me adapt my skills and abilities to my job role and beyond, it has helped with my communications skills within the business and on the outside to clients which have helped me improve my confidence.

I feel that this program has helped me improve in most aspects in the kitchen

I have a better understanding within my supervisory role. For example, I am confident in leading the team, training new staff members and creating new ideas for the bar.

It has helped me to understand my role better and help prepare me for future careers within the hospitality industry

I have learned more about my job and feel like I can do more in my job role


Staff have been more confident within their work after completing the modern apprenticeship

She has increased efficiency and created a more ordered and manageable administrative environment

He is more focused on the business needs

Offering the programme has helped with recruitment and retention within my business

Giving my staff the opportunity to further their education onsite has been an excellent opportunity for staff and for the business

I found the advice that XL has given me in connection with additional support available for my business and my staff has been very helpful

This is an excellent way to offer staff development

The Programme has saved my business money as we have now implemented a more robust Waste Management System

I was impressed with all the suggestions for improvement that the Apprentice came up with and we have implemented some of them

We didn’t have written procedures for areas prior to the Apprentice being on the programme, now we have which means we are more compliant with regulations

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