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XL Training (Scotland) Ltd is a leading Private Training Provider for Work-Based Qualifications which are part of the Modern Apprenticeship Programmes in Scotland. We have been in operation for over 20 years within this Industry and are highly thought of. We have a working contract with Skills Development Scotland (SDS) to deliver Modern Apprenticeships throughout Scotland. This contract means that Apprentices and Employers can benefit from this high quality service.

Why use our Service?
We value our staff and we value the importance of continually developing our own workforce and recruiting a high calibre of staff who understand the importance of delivering a quality service and product. The majority of our team have been with us for over 15 years and we understand the benefits of looking after the welfare of our own staff and in return they take a huge pride in the work they carry out. Consistency is one of the keys to success and appointing one Assessor throughout the journey of an Apprentice is essential.

We are continually graded as a Training Provider who delivers a High Quality of work showing a "High Confidence" rating by the Awarding Body, Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA).

We're Here To Help....
We support Businesses that have existing employees who wish to further their training in a specialised area and in addition we will assist with the Recruitment of an Apprentice which helps to develop the young workforce.

Modern Apprenticeships
Lucy Foundation Apprentice

Modern Apprenticeship Information

What are Modern Apprenticeships?
The Apprenticeship Programmes are a way of “Earning while you are Learning”. The programmes are delivered with a flexible approach and are carried out within the workplace at a time that is convenient to the Employer and the Apprentice. It is a structured format that develops the Apprentice within the workplace which leads to an improvement in skills, attitude, motivation and enthusiasm. The Modern Apprenticeship programmes are made up of a Framework which includes Core Skills and Industry Specific Standards developed and designed by the Sector Skills Councils. The Sector Skills Councils we work with are; People 1st International , Instructus Skills, the IMI etc. We use Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) as our Awarding Body. On Achievement a Framework Certificate is issued by the appropriate Sector Skills Council along with an SQA Certificate for the specific Qualification undertaken and the Level you have achieved which includes any Core Skills required.

The Modern Apprenticeships we deliver are:

Retail Apprenticeships



Hospitality Apprenticeships



Administration Apprenticeships



Customer Service Apprenticeships

Customer Service


Warehousing Apprenticeships



*Funding criteria applies to these programmes.

Resources & Support

A team of experienced business people who can help with many aspects of your business.

Working towards Equality and a Diverse Workforce

As an Employer it is important to encourage individuals from all walks of life to apply for positions you advertise. Equality, Inclusivity and having a Diverse workforce can lead to increased creativity, faster problem solving, better decision making , higher employee engagement , reduced employment turnover and a better company reputation. It can lead to the ability to have a higher level of innovation, the ability to look at things from a variety of different perspectives and ability to deal with change more easily. It can give you improved hiring results all in turn which can assist with increased productivity with the end result being that of, an increased profitability.

For an Employer seeking assistance with advertising a vacancy please follow this link. www.apprenticeships.scot

For an apprentice seeking to find a vacancy please follow this link www.myworldofwork.co.uk and www.apprenticeships.scot

Often people will leave schools with Numeracy and Literacy Issues. We can help you with this when you start your programme by looking at alternative methods of support. Speak to your allocated Asssessor about getting additional support.

There is additional support which can be accessed . Please discuss with you Assessor any requirements you may have.

For more information please visit www.myworldofwork.co.uk/learning-big-plus and www.skillsdevelopmentscotland.co.uk

Xl Training have developed a resource list of Support Networks which covers National and Geographical areas. These organisations help to support individuals through life eg Mental Health, Transgender, Equality , Disability and Protected Characteristic groups. The list is not exhaustive. If you require help or information regarding any issues you may be having please ask your allocated Assessor and we will refer you to the appropriate organisation.

Skills Development Scotland who contribute towards the funding of Apprenticeship Programmes have resources useful for current Apprentices and for those wishing to undertake Apprenticeship Programmes.

Also see www.myworldofwork.co.uk

Employee Minimum Wage Please refer to the HMRC website here for information on pay rates for Apprentices and the National minimum wage

GDPR and Data Protection Act
The programmes we cover fall under GDPR Privacy requirements and to find out how Skills Development Scotland use your information please follow this link. For copies of our own GDPR Privacy Policy please email xltrainininginfo@gmail.com

Equality Act 2010
Please note that the information provided on our literature meets Skills development Scotland (SDS) criteria for funded programmes. SDS have stated that these programmes are exempt from the Age Discrimination Law. XL Training are contracted to SDS to deliver funded programmes. Please refer to www.skillsdevelopmentscotland.co.uk. For those individuals outwith SDS criteria for funded programmes, Costs will apply. To find out more about costs for these programmes please contact – xltraininginfo@gmail.com. The decision on your employment lies with the Employer following their recruitment & selection process.

XL Training are an Equal Opportunities Employer.

Case Studies

Study 1

One of our Apprentices was a trainee jeweller at the shop run by his parents. He embarked on his Modern Apprenticeship programme with us.

Study 2

We helped carry out Recruitment for an Employer who was looking for a Warehouse Apprentice and they recruited a very enthusiastic young man.

Study 3

We were asked to deliver Warehouse Qualifications to an Apprentice who was already in Employment. The Apprentice had been making numerous mistakes.

Study 4

An Employer was having difficulty retaining members of staff past the 3 month period as often they would leave and go and work in a fast food outlet down the road.

Study 5

An Employer who wished his staff to gain recognised Qualifications whilst they undertook 6 month Induction Programme with Product Knowledge Training.

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